Father Ralph Diorio Mass & Healing Service

Fr Ralph DiOrio and the Apostolate of Divine Mercy and Healing

Mass and Healing Service

Sun, Nov 13, St Ann Shrine, Sturbridge, MA

BUS DEPARTS 10:45 AM St. Patrick Church, Mystic; I-395 Commuter Parking Lot @ Exit 80 W Norwich and @ Exit 87 Plainfield.

Children and Teenagers always welcome as our guest.  Pack a lunch; Dunkin Donuts stop on the way home.



Into each life there can be a Season to heal your heart, to heal your home, to heal your family.

www.rdohealingministry.org           508 832-7890

Apostolate of Divine Mercy and Healing  -  Jesus, the Divine Physician, out of His compassion and love for us, knows our needs, hears our calls, and heals.  I am simply a conduit through which He sends His healing love.  Why or how God chose me, I do not know, but I sincerely thank Him and accept His will for me. I also cannot tell you why or how God selects whom or what illness He will and will not heal, except that He does not base the decision on the amount of the person’s faith.  I also know that He is a loving God who does not strike His children down with sickness.  He does, however, sometimes use that illness to bring His children back to Him.

For those who doubt God’s existence or compassion to begin with, a healing opens the door for the first time to a mutual communion. The association exists from the beginning, even for those who consider themselves faithless, because God loves all His children from the beginning.  I believe every person has at least a speck of hope that God exists, and therefore a speck of faith.  I do not believe, however, that God doles out healings on the basis of faith, and therefore I call neither Him nor myself a faith healer.

Divine intervention is not an alternative to medical intervention.  Often as you will read in these reports, God
and doctors work hand in hand. Physicians, some of whom attend my healing services, often welcome God as partner in their medical practices. Physicians, particularly those who recognize the importance of holistic healing, have some of the same concerns as I: the healing of the mind, body and spirit.

If you have not attended one of my healing services, you may be curious about what happens there.  Many of your questions will be answered by the testimonies on these pages, but I will clarify a few matters.  First, let me stress once again that I heal no one.  God heals.  I have no power and want no glory.  I am a priest.  Every step I take, I take with Jesus.  I take my direction from God, through prayer and reading the Bible.

While I am teaching and worshipping, I am under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and experience various healing insights. Sometimes I will call out a general healing of the eyes or ears and I will ask those in need to stand and I will lead the congregation in prayer.  Afterward everyone who has been healed is asked to come forward and claim the healing.

At other times during a session I will get a feeling that someone in a particular area has a specific need.  I also experience the Word of Knowledge and call out a person with a certain name, color of clothier or disease.  I am led by the Holy Spirit to identify exactly the illness, need, person, or a combination of these.  Frequently I call these people to me and pray over them.  A person does not
need to be called out or touched by me to be healed.  Often, however, I will walk among the people and anoint them with blessed oil or bless them with holy water. Depending on the size of the crowd and the time at hand, I may bless every person individually or bless the masses by sprinkling, using the holy water as a point
of contact.

While being prayed over, blessed, or just being in the presence of the Holy Spirit at the sessions, a person may rest in the Holy Spirit. This is called being slain in the Spirit.  The experience varies, with some being in a state
of altered consciousness and others being totally unaware of what is happening around them.  While some expect to be slain, others are shocked, but happy. Some cry uncontrollably, releasing tears of healing, but many simply
smile the warm, content smile of a beloved child of God.  Leading someone to rest in the Spirit is part of healing, a direct touching of the innermost being by an infilling of God’s love and peace.

Not everyone who is called to be healed is asking for the gift of health.  Many who are given the gift attend the
services on behalf of another whose pain they com-passionately feel.  Others come to the services to pray for their own intentions, but once they arrive their attention is diverted to the pain and suffering of others.  There are
those, too, who come only to praise Jesus, through whose pain and suffering they are saved.  Some of God’s children
feel closer to Him, or to pray that they may forgive others and be forgiven.  I ask only that you never confuse the
facts.  God heals.  I do not. I work quietly, prayerfully, gratefully, for the glory of God and the winning of souls, with no motives in between.   Fr.Ralph DiOrio

Afrakuma Bannerman October 22, 2012 at 01:23 AM
Hello, I am deeply impressed with all I have witnessed from Father Ralph DiOrio. I need healing myself & I am very interested in becoming a healer, should I be chosen to carry out this privilege. Warm regards & blessings to you all Ms Afrakuma Bannerman form London, England, UK Email: insightpsy@hotmail.com Website: www.InsightPsychotherapy.co.uk/ "T" Mob: +44(0)7722 057 489 (Call 12:50pm-8:30pm GMT) Also @ Skype: afrakuma.b


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