Birth Announcements: Dec. 3 to Dec. 18, 2012

Birth announcements from Lawrence + Memorial Hospital

Lawrence + Memorial Hospital reports the following births:

Dec. 18, 2012

  • William D. Robinson and Deborah Ganoe, son, Groton.Ward A. Brown and Tina (McClellan) Torres, New London.

Dec. 17, 2012

  • Louis P. Racicot and Heather (Longo) Racicot, daughter, Waterford.

Dec. 16, 2012

  • Justin L. Bradley and Michelle (Barnett) Bradley, daughter, Gales Ferry.
  • Joseph A. Loomis and Amy Sligar, son, Norwich.
  • Krystal Thigpen, son, Groton.
  • Jason P. Weaver and Erin (Bogardus) Weaver, son, Groton.

Dec. 15, 2012

  • Thomas A. Bracco and Alesha (Wade) Bracco, son, Niantic.
  • Joshua J. Maciejewski and Brianna (Kranzel) Maciejewski, son, Norwich.
  • Jose J. Zurita and Corrin Thompson, daughter, Groton.

Dec. 14, 2012

  • Nicholas A. Ferro and Kourtney (Cecero) Ferro, daughter, Groton.
  • Stephen M. Monroe Jr. and Christine (Beauchamp) Monroe, son, Uncasville.
  • Jason L. Lawhorn and Leshalovee Whitfield, daugher, New London.

Dec. 13, 2012

  • Joel D. Fulton and Destiny Darby, daughter, Groton.
  • Shawn W. Floyd and Amie (Farrar) Floyd, son, Mystic.
  • Stephen C. Gray and Darcy (Mosocco) Gray, daughter, Groton.
  • Alex S. Ningas and Vothy Thach, son, Groton. 

Dec. 12, 2012

  • Francisca Cora, daughter, New London.
  • Christopher G. Huss and Candace (Wood) Huss, daughter, Groton.
  • Thomas A. Palazzo and Bethany (Cook) Palazzo, daughter, Waterford.
  • Ricardo Ramirez and Margarita (Chambi) Ramirez, daughter, New London.

Dec. 11, 2012

  • Philip J. Costello and Lisa Guillen, son, New London.
  • Tristan Jordan and Jennifer (Klingler) Jordan, son, Stonington.
  • Ryan A. Molnar and Elizabeth Wilson, daughter, Oakdale.

Dec. 10, 2012

  • Lewis E. Jump III and Evelin (Erazo) Jump, son, Groton.
  • Robert Nowland and Stacey Nowland, son, Quaker Hill.

Dec. 9, 2012

  • Paul R. Vincenti and Vanessa (Fleitz) Vincenti, daughter, Niantic.

Dec. 8, 2012

  • Jason Pelliccia and Kamila (Ziolkowska) Pelliccia, son, Waterford.

Dec. 7, 2012

  • James A. Gumbert and Michelle (Parker) Gumbert, son, North Stonington.
  • Fortuna Lebron, son, New London.
  • Jesse P. Benware and Merin Moltz, daughter, New London.

Dec. 6, 2012

  • Daniel S. Maikowski and Lia’a Chiffon Hunter, daughter, Uncasville.

Dec. 5, 2012

  • Jason P. Price and Jennifer (Prine) Price, son, Groton.
  • Adam K. Stone and MaLinda (Kelly) Stone, son, Waterford.

Dec. 4, 2012

  • Lissette Belia Reyes, son, New London.
  • Jose A. Bocachica and Valeria Bocachica, daughter, Groton.

Dec. 3, 2012

  • Todd W. Donovan and Erin (Farley) Donovan, son, East Lyme.


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