Get Your Tickets For Whit Davis's Retirement Party

The Davis Family welcomes friends, past employees and anyone who enjoys good food and good tales to attend Whit’s retirement party on Nov. 16, 2012.

is retiring from the Davis Farm and his family is planning a party in his honor. On Nov. 16, the Davis Family will hold a retirement party for Whit, and according to Dara Karas, welcomes “…old friends, past employees, and anyone who enjoys good food and good tales” to attend.

The farm is being turned over to Larry Davis, Whit’s youngest son, and while Whit will still be at the farm a few days a week, it will be Larry who runs the 358-year-old farm.

The Davis Farm also recently opened up a Davis Roadside Farm Stand that will be open during the week on an honor system.

Call Dara Karas at 860-599-2810 by Friday, Nov. 9 to purchase tickets for the retirement party. Tickets for the party are $50 per person.

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