Stonington Business Spotlight: Poor Morgan

Screen printing, design and apparel at Velvet Mill in the Borough. Such a cool biz!

Photo of Poor Morgan courtesy of Poor Morgan website.
Photo of Poor Morgan courtesy of Poor Morgan website.

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Poor Morgan (Screen Printing, Design, Apparel)


Business: Poor Morgan - Screen Printing, Design, Apparel

Location: 22 Bayview Ave. Studio 8, Stonington

When and how did your business get started? Our business officially opened on July 13, 2012...which was a Friday the 13th. It's interesting that this business spotlight has come out on a Friday the 13th as well!  We always wanted to start our own business and in the late Winter of 2012, after much planning and research, the stars aligned and the rest is history.

Why did you choose the town you did to open your business? We hail from Stonington and North Stonington so we have deep roots in the local community. It's been such a pleasure to be able to utilize our talents and print for other local businesses, artists, schools, etc., many of which we have long supported as residents. The Velvet Mill, where our business is located, also proved to be the perfect location for us in many ways.

What is your business best known for? We are one of the only screen printers in the area that offer water based ink printing. These inks dye the fabric of the apparel instead of laying on top like traditional plastisol, resulting in an amazingly soft and breathable final print. You can't even feel the print on the apparel if you close your eyes and run your hands along it.

Water based inks can be finicky to work with which is why the majority of shops tend to stay away from them. The resulting printed apparel however, is hands down on another level when printed correctly! We absolutely love working with them and our customers have been thrilled to have this option available.

What's something interesting about your business your customers might not know? A majority of our customers may not realize we'll be an official Ma 'n Pa shop in early March... so they should be on the lookout for some fresh new children's apparel!

Contact: Phone: 860-287-2042 Email: info@poormorgan.com

Website: www.poormorgan.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/poormorgan




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