VoiceGlance, First-Of-Its-Kind Product Focused On Bringing Big Data To Hiring, Launches

Credit: VoiceGlance LLC
Credit: VoiceGlance LLC

Mystic, Conn. March 3, 2014 – VoiceGlance, a cloud-based platform, launched last month with the goal of bringing big data and scale to the hiring process.

VoiceGlance allows employers to invite applicants to structured phone-screening interviews. Applicant answers are then recorded, transcribed and delivered to employer inboxes. There, using our advanced assessing and filtering tools, hiring teams can collaboratively gain valuable insights about their applicants.

VoiceGlance is particularly necessary today as applicant pools continue to increase and screening becomes more complicated and burdensome. Meanwhile, the Department of Labor estimates the average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal 30 percent of the individual’s first-year earnings.

VoiceGlance’s goal is not to replace in-person interviews, but to limit them to the candidates who are truly qualified for the position by providing more insights about these candidates.

To see more, watch our video on our website: http://www.voiceglance.com/.


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