Ambulance Workers Hope to Never Lift a Patient Again

A new power lift system on order will lift and slide patients into the ambulance, thereby eliminating the risk of dropping a patient and saving ambulance workers' backs!

Mystic River Ambulance and Ledyard Volunteer Emergency Squad (LVES) are partnering up to buy new stretchers, but these are no ordinary stretchers.

The Stryker Power Load lift system is a battery-operated lift system that lifts and rolls a stretcher into the ambulance and "basically saves us from killing our backs lifting people who are heavier,” said LVES Director Jake Troy.

After hearing rave reviews from neighboring ambulance services LVES partnered with Mystic River Ambulance to purchase two for themselves and three for Mystic River. So, what normally would cost approximately $25,000 each was reduced to around $19,000 each with a volume discount.

“We’re really looking forward to this,” said Troy. “They basically lift the patient automatically into the ambulance without us having to lift the patient.”

The stretchers fit onto a lift system that will elevate the stretcher and patient up to the ambulance onto a track system where emergency workers can just push the stretcher into the ambulance, as if were on a conveyor belt. The system is designed to lift people weighing up to 700 lbs.

“While our current stretchers have wheels that retract on their own, the volunteer still has to hold the entire weight of the patient and stretcher in the air while loading the patient and waiting or the wheels to fully retract. The system completely eliminates the need to hold the stretcher in midair when loading the patient into the back of the ambulance," Troy said.

There are currently 65 Stryker Power Load lift systems installed in ambulances around the state of Connecticut and the LVES membership voted unanimously to buy the stretchers, which are becoming an industry standard, according to Troy.

Tom Santos February 02, 2013 at 12:52 PM
Thank you Patch for bringing this article to our attention, excellent video. It is a small price ($19,000) to pay for such a large reward. i have been in both situations, picking up and being picked up. I was also dropped while on a stretcher, actually the EMT accidentally pushed a button, releasing the locks, and the wheels folded, dropping the stretcher. And no one was hurt. Our EMTs are hard workers and enthusiastic about their jobs. Every ambulance should be equipped with this system both for the EMT and the patients.


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