Report Shows Connecticut Is One Of The Least Business Friendly States

The CNBC report that ranks the 50 states cited Connecticut's high taxes and regulations as reasons for its poor showing.


A new national report puts Connecticut near the bottom among the states for business in 2012, with the cost of state government, and taxes and regulations cited among the causes.

The report by CNBC ranks Connecticut 44th in 2012, down from 39th in 2011.

Patch readers . Recent reports that said the state was overspending its revenues even after significant tax increases and spending cuts raised the possibility that .

Nevertheless, , outpacing neighboring states, a factor that was noted in the CNBC report.

Ed July 24, 2012 at 12:41 PM
Governor Malloy is knee deep in burying CT. Instead of layoffs and cutbacks in government size we have massive tax increases and no future. No state will be successfull when the state itself is the biggest employer in the state.


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