VIDEO: Haberek Calls The CL&P Response Unacceptable

Stonington First Selectman Ed Haberek, State Senator Andrew Maynard and State Representative Diana Urban said Thursday they were upset with the CL&P response to Hurricane Sandy and didn’t understand there has been so little progress in restoring po

Connecticut Light & Power said Thursday morning they were making excellent progress, but with about 80 percent of Stonington customers still without power First Selectman Ed Haberek said there needs to be drastic changes.

“This is completely dissatisfactory,” Haberek said. “Something needs to change.”

Haberek, state Sen. Andrew Maynard and state Rep. Diana Urban gave a briefing on power restoration efforts and clean up in Stonington.

The three expressed frustration with CL&P and said that while they didn’t want to throw a tantrum they didn’t understand why there has been so little progress.

Play the video clips attached to this article to hear what they had to say about the CL&P response.

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K B November 01, 2012 at 06:31 PM
I live in south Louisiana, I don't work for a public utility, but work for a national company as a communications technician. I have been through several Hurricanes and have a great respect for what the power companies have to do. I suggest that those that think your power company is not doing enough, spend some time and study how the electrical distribution system works from supplying the grid to the feed to your house. Look at the federal rules and regulations for safety that MUST be followed. Look at the procedure, for safety reasons, at what must be done just to re-energize a breaker on a pole. Understand the priorities of where power agents restored first. After learning all this it is amazing to me how they do it under normal conditions, never mind post disaster. Find ways to help them, such as stay off the roads if not needing to be there, keep areas where lines are down clear, don't pile debris in the streets. Projections I have read say that Stonington should be restored by Monday. That is 1 week. We have gone 3 or more weeks without commercial power. No one wants their electric bill to go any higher, but where is CL&P supposed to stock/ inventory all that is needed for a 30 year storm? Business owners will understand what I just asked. Assessments needed to be made, material located, material brought to where it needs to be, a nightmare. Be glad it isn't 90+ degrees out. Put on a pair of glove, safety helmet, and boots and go lend a hand, not noise.
Basil Byrd November 01, 2012 at 08:24 PM
I've been watching the CL&P outage map all day. Stonington was at 6507 customers out at 10 this morning. Now it's at 6552! Yeah.. I know they sometimes have to disconnect some people to re-connecnt others but shouldn't the general trend be **fewer** people without power?! The way things are going our little patch will be back "in the black" with 91% out by morning!
Donna Pearlman November 01, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Thank you Ed, Diana and Andrew, CL&P once again is failing badly to meet their responsibilities in a disaster. I came back from a week in Rhode Island minutes away with power to home in Pawcatuck, CT with no power, possibly for days more, and little information except that from Patch here and Ed's blog (thankful for that).


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