Eco Splash at Mystic Aquarium

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 Mystic Aquarium, 55 Coogan Blvd., Mystic, CT 06355  See map
Photo Credit: Mystic Aquarium on Facebook
Photo Credit: Mystic Aquarium on Facebook

Join Mystic Aquarium this April vacation for "Eco Splash" as we celebrate Earth Week.  

You will be amazed as tons of sand is transformed into spectacular sculptures by Sandtasia throughout the week. Use your creativity to create a scrap art sculpture for our Scrap Art Sculpture Contest; meet and be enthralled by some very cool rehabilitated raptors.  Make your own bird feeder and plant a seedling to take home and grow; find out what's fun about composting and the benefits of the humble red wiggler!  

Eco Splash will have you checking your carbon footprint and inspiring you to find new ways to help protect our ocean planet.

Activities occur daily, except Easter Sunday, April 16th-19th and 21st - 22nd from 10:00am - 3:00pm and are free with Aquarium admission or membership.  Conservation Club members - be sure to stop by the Club table and pick up your Earth Day patch!  Click here for the event link.

Kendall Svengalis April 16, 2014 at 11:16 AM
The term "Carbon footprint" is a fraud perpetrated by the "global warming" fanatics. It's amazing how many people mindlessly buy into it. The earth warmed by about one-third of a degree Celsius from 1978-1997, and has shown no statistically significant warming since 1997. This is why they changed their clarion call to "climate change"--as if a changing climate is something unprecedented or threatening. And we have two nitwit Senators pushing this fraud. Recently, the leading British scientist James Lovelock, author of the "Gaia Hypothesis," who predicted catastrophic effects of "global warming" acknowledged that the predictions were wildly exaggerated. He said: "'The Revenge of Gaia' [his 2006 book] was over the top, but we were all so taken in by the perfect correlation between temperature and CO2 in the ice-core analyses [from the ice-sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, studied since the 1980s]. You could draw a straight line relating temperature and CO2, and it was such a temptation for everyone to say, “Well, with CO2 rising we can say in such and such a year it will be this hot.” It was a mistake we all made. We shouldn’t have forgotten that the system has a lot of inertia and we’re not going to shift it very quickly. The thing we’ve all forgotten is the heat storage of the ocean — it’s a thousand times greater than the atmosphere and the surface. You can’t change that very rapidly. But being an independent scientist, it is much easier to say you made a mistake than if you are a government department or an employee or anything like that" What does this fraud mean to the average citizen? In 2009, the Obama Treasury Dept. estimated the annual cost of "cap and trade" legislation at $1742.00 per family. Other analyses placed the cost much higher--$3,000, rising to $4,000 by 2032. They kept the news hidden from the public at the time the legislation was being debated in Congress. Only a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request disgorged this study that the "most transparent adminstration:" was hiding from the American public. Who voted for "cap and trade?" The regular suspects, of course: Joe Courtney, Chris Murphy, John Larson, Jimmy Himes, Rosa DeLauro in the House, and Chris Dodd and Joe Lieberman in the Senate--all big government Democrats. Now, Richard Blumenthal is in their camp and Murphy has unfortunately moved over to the Senate, pushing higher energy costs on the basis of a LIE (1) that the temperature increase was something other than mild and normal; and (2) that C02 is the cause. These scientific illiterates have started calling it "carbon pollution" to convince a gullible citizenry than this beneficial trace gas is something to be feared. Scientists the world over are now decrying this absurd demonization of carbon dioxide as the driver of warming. But Murphy and Blumenthal and the rest are still stuck in their scientific kindergarten.
Kate Geary April 18, 2014 at 11:26 PM
Follow the money trail and read Agenda 21. Read it and weep, if you promise not to make too much CO2 while you're crying. The loudest voices ranting about "carbon footprints" are the worst offenders ~ start with Al Gore's mansion, not to mention his air flight miles, and down the list. Hypocrites and political psychopaths all. Just follow the money trail. Good letter Mr. Svengalis


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