Help a Local Get to Italy

Jelani has the opportunity to go overseas and is raising funds through GoFundMe.

Credit: GoFundMe
Credit: GoFundMe
Jelani has the chance to go to Italy this spring is raising money for the cause via the GoFundMe Web site.

According to the page on GoFundMe, in September of 2013, Jelani hosted two Italian exchange students for 10 days. 

The page states, "It was a great experience for them as well as for me and my family. It is my hope to raise enough money so that I can visit Italy for 10 days this coming April. If I do, I will attend school there and stay with my host family. I will have the opportunity to see what life is like for my Italian friends."

So far, $100 has been raised. To donate to the cause, visit the GoFundMe page.

Note: The gofundme.com site listed above is not endorsed by Patch.


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