Montville Fire Department Takes First Best Of

Thanks to all who participated!

The inaugural Best Of the Montville Patch raised some eyebrows, but got 103 of you involved and voting, and seems like it turns out to be the fun poll it was intended to be!

I asked you to vote for your favorite fire department – and you did.

, with 51 percent of the vote, won as the Best Fire Department in Town!

came in second, then and .

Here are some of your comments:

Highly trained and dedicated men and women who do the hardest job and ask for nothing in return.

I like them all, each one has its own character..Montville with its old style construction, Mohegan with their ability to adapt to the radical changes on their side of Town, Chesterfield with their trend setting ideas and of course, Oakdale, the quiet house on the hill with the cool hayride. All stations have superior members striving to meet a common goal, Protecting the Lives and Property in the Town of Montville.

I am tossed between chesterfield my home town area and Montville my current home town area. Chesterfield I have watched grow much like a small child into the building it is today. Montville has dedicated volenteers who are there round the clock. I guess in my case it is a tie

On the Montville Patch Facebook page, the conversation got a little heated, with some folks upset at pitting one fire station against another.

Raymond Occhialini

They all are the best, their volunteer there time and provide a great service to Montville with the paid staff. This is an awful first poll.

Jackie Scott-McLaughlin

Umm...I have to agree....it's kind of a rude question..."who puts out fires and risks their lives faster than the other person trying?"....

Dave Swinburne

Having worked with all the firefighters and at all the fire departments in the town of montville, I can say that they all are the best and at no time should anyone think there is one better! How about the voting for the best newspaper or web paper... Oh yeah I agree with Ray also.


So… I’m sorry that the poll upset folks! I think that all the firefighters in town, paid and volunteer - and all the fire police, too - are to be honored and credited for the work they do protecting the people and the buildings of Montville.

But every fire department has its own character, and its own relationship with the community. And each fire department has its supporters and its boosters. I was looking for those people, the positive people, the friends of the fire departments, if you will, to take part in the poll - and they did! 

I heard your complaints, and understand what you were saying, and I thank you for speaking your minds. And for participating!

Please come back to the Montville Patch on Monday for the next Best Of!


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