Stonington Releases Property Rights to ICRC; Passes Harbor Management Plan

Town Referendum on road improvements and athletic fields will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

During a two-hour Special Town Meeting, Stonington residents approved a number of resolutions, but the vote on the most controversial agenda item won’t take place until Oct. 17.

At the Special Town Meeting residents had the opportunity to comment on resolutions on appropriating funds for improvements to roads and athletic fields. While no one commented on the road improvements several residents expressed concerns over the return on investment of the athletic fields.

On Oct. 17, 2012 Stonington will hold a Town Referendum to decide whether residents wish to spend $3.5 million for road improvements and/or $2.7 million to install an artificial turf field on the football field and repair the town’s other athletic fields.

The roads improvement and athletic fields plans will be available on the town website.

Residents also voted to table a vote on changes to the licensing fees for the Stonington Health Department.

All of the agenda items voted on at the Special Town Meeting passed, although the number of people that stayed to vote dwindled as the meeting went on. Complete copies of the resolutions will be available on the town website.

Indian and Colonial Research Center

Voters approved a resolution to “release [the town’s] rights to have certain property owned by the Indian and Colonial Research Center, Inc. revert to it in the event that the property is no longer used as a research center and museum open to the public as is recorded in a quit claim deed from the Town of Stonington to the Indian and Colonial Research Center, Inc. dated August 3, 1966 in the land records of said Stonington Book 158, Page 138.”

Under a stipulation in the property deed the ICRC managed the property, but the town owned it. In order to be listed on the registry of state and national historic places that stipulation needed to be removed from the deed.

“They have no have no intention of stopping their mission they’re only hoping to grow right now,” First Selectman Edward Haberek said.

Stonington Harbor Management Plan

A resolution to adopt the changes to the Stonington Harbor Management Plan passed with a few voicing opposition.

West Broad Street School

A resolution to appropriate funds not to exceed $89,807 from the Capital Improvements Fund to reimburse the Stonington Public School District for money spent repairing the sprinkler system at West Broad Street School passed.

New England Science & Sailing Foundation

Stonington residents passed a resolution providing the abatement of taxes for the property owned by the New England Science & Sailing Foundation from May 20, 2011; the date the property was purchased.

Peddlers and Solicitors

The Sept. 21, 1915 ordinance regarding the licensing of itinerant vendors was repealed and a new ordinance with greater restrictions including changes to applications and licensing fees was approved.

Purchasing Ordinance

Voters approved a resolution increasing the maximum amount of a purchase the First Selectman has the authority to make from $5,000 to $10,000.

Jack October 10, 2012 at 11:50 AM
Has anyone seen other town fields, East Lyme, Waterford New London? It's not about ROI! It's about the kids. And don't get me started about the moorings in the harbor. They have minors, without boats, on the list.


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