Snow Day Is Bittersweet For High School Seniors

Stonington High School Seniors Worry They'll Be Graduating In July

A dark and an empty parking on a cold, icy day cause worries of long school days in warm weather.

called off school, today because of "freezing rain.” For lower grades it’s just a day off, but for many high school students, it's bittersweet.

Many students are pleased to have the day off to cram in some last minute studying. Mid-term exams were supposed to run Tuesday through Friday. Students ready for their Tuesday exams get to wait until Wednesday. Cancelled school changed the exam schedule and the last two exams periods are now pushed to Monday, Jan. 24, giving students and extra weekend to study for some exams.

While high school students took to Facebook and other social networking sites early this morning pleased to have the day off there was an equal amount of disappointment because students will have to make up the day at the end of the school year.  For seniors, the make-up days are especially troublesome.

One high school student posted on Facebook his opinion of the cancellation, commenting that today’s half day will count as a full day to be made up at the end of the year.

This especially affects seniors, eager to finish school, as it means their graduation date is pushed off yet another day.

Another student posted “at this rate we’ll be graduating in July.”

The winter storm mix allowed for an even longer holiday weekend, extra time studying or resting, but students are worrying about how these days will affect them once the weather begins to turn warm.


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