Stonington 5th Grader Joining Cast of Family Web-Series, Fundraising Campaign Launched

Taylor Rose Donovan, 5th grader, Stonington
Taylor Rose Donovan, 5th grader, Stonington

Taylor Donovan to join the cast of Independently produced Family Web-Series Welcome to Grandpaville as it Launches Crowd Funding Campaign to Raise Money for a Second Season

www.welcometograndpaville.com February 14, 2014

NEWINGTON, CT – Bluewater East Entertainment and the production team of the new family comedy web-series Welcome to Grandpaville have just launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to raise the production budget for Season 2 of their show. They hope to raise $10,000 with a 30-day campaign that runs until March 16th.

Welcome to Grandpaville is written, directed, and produced by Connecticut film maker Michael T. Lombardi, who is a long-time actor. Lombardi plays a supporting role on the series, which includes a cast of nearly 70 adult & kid actors from around New England. The show is filmed in Connecticut, with actors from Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode participating. According to Lombardi, the series is intended as a throwback to family shows of the past, one that will appeal not just to the coveted 13 year-old female demographic, but to kids of all ages, as well as parents and grandparents. The show is all about family.

Welcome to Grandpaville is a multigenerational show that the entire family can watch together,” Lombardi said. “There are few if any shows out there aimed at the entire family, and we believe that audiences have an appetite for a unique show like this.” Lombardi says his goal is to produce a quality show that will hopefully get the attention of Disney, Nickelodeon, or other national producers of family content such as PBS, or possibly Netflix or Amazon. But for now, he will continue to produce the show locally as long as it is financially feasible.

“The show provides an opportunity for so many young performers to gain valuable experience in the arts at a time when arts funding in schools and communities has been cut due to budget constraints”, Lombardi said. The production has cast many kids who have had little or no experience (in addition to many skilled kid & adult actors), who do have experience and knowledge to share. But they need the support of the community in order to succeed.

The show has received broad local support in the form of several New England area sponsors including Barker Specialty and Barker Character Comic and Cartoon Museum in Cheshire, CT, and Golden Girl Granola in Eastern Massachusetts. But, raising production funds is essential to the success of this web-series. While no one on the cast & crew is paid for their work, there are a great many expenses that need to be covered. Production insurance, food & drink for the cast & crew, props, costumes, location fees, equipment rentals, post-production editing expenses, marketing & distribution materials, website maintenance, and the list goes on.

Taylor Donovan, a fifth grader in Stonington, will join the cast for the second season and looks forward to filming in May. Taylor and her family have been fans of the web-series and have enjoyed some great family time watching the series. It will be a great adventure to see the show being created from the other side of the camera. When asked what she is finds most exciting about the upcoming summer, Taylor states that, "it'll be a show that I can share with my friends in Stonington." We hope that you consider making a contribution to this fundraising campaign and support a worthwhile project. 

Every dollar raised will be needed to produce 4 new episodes of the show this spring/summer.

About Welcome to Grandpaville

Description: Season 1 of Welcome to Grandpaville told the story of Desmond “Grandpa” Potts, a toy maker whose life was turned upside down by the arrival of his precocious 11 year-old granddaughter Shelby. Sent to stay with her grandfather while her mother was away on business in Europe for four months, Shelby has to get reacquainted with the grandfather she hasn’t seen since she was five. With the help of Grandpa Potts and his toy store ‘The Toy Pott’, along with his friends Kincaid, Kendall, Old Man Gus, and a robot named Spare Parts, the two quickly form a bond and Shelby grows to love living in the place she calls “Grandpaville”. But when Shelby’s mother unexpectedly shows-up at Grandpa Potts’ house in the season finale, he knows that his life is about to change all over again!

Season 2 has many new and exciting stories to tell, new characters to introduce, and continued fun for the whole family! Season 2 debuts in fall 2014!

Season 1 episodes can be viewed at: www.welcometograndpaville.com.

About Bluewater East Entertainment Bluewater East Entertainment is a Connecticut based production company created by Michael T. Lombardi in 2011. Welcome to Grandpaville is the second production from Bluewater East, with 2012’s Haddonfield Hills web-series being the first.

Visit: bluewatereast.weebly.com for more information or to contact us directly, email us at: bluewatereastentertainmentco@gmail.com


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