Dream Deferred? No, Paddle Tennis at COMO Dream Realized

A campaign to raise funds to bring Paddle Tennis to the COMO has successfully achieved its goal

They're here! Paddle Tennis soon to be a reality at COMO! Photo courtesy Elissa Bass
They're here! Paddle Tennis soon to be a reality at COMO! Photo courtesy Elissa Bass

Paddle Tennis is returning to the COMO! 

The mission of the project was to provide a functional, safe and affordable outdoor winter recreational and social activity appropriate for all ages (youth to senior) thereby bringing neighbors together and building a stronger, healthier community.

The project consist of two tennis court platforms with a ‘warming hut’  and a renovation of the bathroom accessible from the outside at the COMO Annex.

Paddle Tennis will be operated by the COMO in partnership with the Platform Tennis Advisory Group (PTAG). The board of the COMO has approved the location and usage of land for this project. The construction, maintenance and funding will be the responsibility of the PTAG.

Here’s why Paddle Tennis is cool:

•    A winter daytime and nighttime recreational activity for both sexes, all age  groups (youth to senior).

•     An athletic venue for working adults (open in the evenings and on weekends).

•     Inexpensive, outdoor, healthy form of family exercise and entertainment.

•     Expands athletic opportunities for the region’s special needs youth by        establishing a Unified Sports Youth Paddle Program.

•     Increases COMO program offerings.

•     Public access to platform tennis facilities in our area is extremely limited—we are filling a gap.

•     Increases use of underutilized COMO property.

•     Year-round facility.

•     Restores the legacy of platform tennis courts at the COMO.





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