Week In Review: Mystic Stage, Casting Call, Presidential Debates

A Recap Of The Week’s Top Stories On Stonington-Mystic Patch

The first presidential debate in this year’s election cycle took place this week. I didn’t watch, but those of you that did said Mitt Romney trumped President Barrack Obama. Is anyone else ready for the election to be over?

While the 2012 national election seems to be over taking national and even local news that doesn’t mean nothing was happening in Stonington, Mystic and Pawcatuck this week. The Mystic Ballet Company shared some photographs with Patch from the opening of their new performance space Mystic Stage, and I sat down and talked with Goran Subtoic about the new space and why he finally feels like he belongs in Mystic. Look for that interview next week.

At the Mystic Arts Center two fantastic photography exhibitions recently opened. The two shows, Photo Show 34 and Art of the Boat: Photographs from Mystic Seaport’s Rosenfeld Collection, run to Nov. 10.

And in other arts news, the Garde Arts Center held a casting call on Thursday for paid extras for an upcoming Cuba Gooding Jr. movie to be filmed in Mystic. Did you go?

Stonington welcomed a new police officer to the department this week. Officer Ryan Simone, 27, was sworn in on Wednesday.

The Stonington Planning and Zoning Department voted to broaden the uses allowed in manufacturing zones this week. Health clubs will now be allowed in those zones if approved with a special use permit application.

Did you celebrate National Taco Day? If not, but tacos sound pretty good right now make this recipe from Margaritas Mexican Restaurant at home or stop in and try the Macho Taco at the Mystic restaurant until Oct. 8.

Thanks so much to the Writer's Cottage and Mystic Stage Performing Arts Center for recently claiming their directory listings on Patch. If you have a business in Stonington, Mystic or Pawcatuck that you want listed on Patch for free or want to claim email Editor Bree Shirvell.

We covered lots more this week and throughout the weekend, so search the site for other stories, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and check out our calendar to see what's happening next week in town.

Kenny October 07, 2012 at 04:41 PM
Of all Obama's biographers, Dinesh D'Souza has come closest to defining the real Obama. Every American should read "Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream," "The Roots of Obama's Rage." and his documentary "2016: Obama's America." See trailer here: http://2016themovie.com/ He is trying to fulfill the dreams of his putative father, Barack Obama, Sr. That dream lies in a diminshed America in which our wealth is plundered and distrbuted to the undeveloped world. Obama also developed this worldview by reading Franz Fanon ("Wretched of the Earth"), and other, often Marxist, anti-colonialist writers who blame their counrty's ills on Western Europeans or the United States. Thus, Obama views himself as an internationalist with a strong anti-colonial streak. Thus, unlike every other U.S. president, Obama is, first and foremost not on America's side. This is why he supports the U.N.'s plan for massive wealth redistriibution through cap and trade efforts to combat the alleged "gobal warming" scare. Interestingly, this worldview comports with the activities that occupied a major portion of Obama's life as a community organizer on the South Side of Chicago. Rather than helping minority residents improve their situations through education, job training, and self-improvment, he directed his efforts to political activism for the purpose of redistributing wealth from the productive class. Rather than teaching the poor how to fish, he wanted government to provide the fish.


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