Truman Project and Center for National Policy Announce Groundbreaking Partnership

Partnership Unifies Forward-Thinking National Security Policy, Political Organizations

Release courtesy of the Truman National Security Project & Center for National Policy .

The Truman National Security Project recently announced a groundbreaking new partnership with the Center for National Policy, a national security organization that has been a leading policy voice for nearly 40 years.
The move combines values-based national security policy and politics in a partnership that will help define what American leadership means in a changing world. While each group will retain its name, the two organizations are combining staff and operations to create a powerful national force with deep roots in Washington D.C. as well as broad national reach to turn forward-looking ideas into reality. 
"The goal of this partnership is to support a new generation of leaders with new ideas to advance American leadership in a changing world," CNP President Scott Bates said.
“As a former President of CNP and a current Advisory Board member of the Truman Project, I am excited about this new partnership. Not only do the Truman Project and the Center for National Policy unite strong policy and smart politics, but they also bring together generations of forward-thinking national security leaders. The national community, advocacy talent, and policy knowledge of these two organizations can make a true difference in how America fulfills its leadership role,” former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said.
”We are thrilled to create a national powerhouse that unites generations, combining the wisdom and experience of CNP’s current and past leaders with the rising policy, political, and veteran leadership of the Truman Project.  It’s a pleasure and an honor to join forces, and we are looking forward to even greater impact in 2013 together,” Truman Project President Rachel Kleinfeld said.

As Truman Project Chairman John Driscoll explained, "Smart American foreign policy for the 21st century requires the right ideas and the right leaders.  This partnership lets us arm the rising decision-makers of our country with the knowledge they need."

CNP Chairman Peter Kovler added that, "This is a big step forward for our organization and the additional energy and expertise of the Truman Project can only enhance our common mission of trying to help our government make the best possible choices."
The Center for National Policy was founded in 1972. Past leaders include Madeleine Albright, Tim Roemer, Cyrus Vance, Edmund Muskie, and Leon Panetta. The Truman Project was founded in 2005 by Rachel Kleinfeld and Matthew Spence. Today, the Truman Project houses the largest national security and foreign policy leadership development program in the country in addition to our media and advocacy work.

The Truman Project and CNP together fill a unique role in the 21st-century national security and foreign policy community.  Together, the Truman Project (501c4) and Center for National Policy (501c3) will create a preeminent national security institution for policy and political leadership that strengthens American security, our nation’s economy, and our values of human rights and democracy at home and around the world.  


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