'Daylight Harvesting System' Leaking at Deans Mill

Skylights meant to bring light indoors are now also bringing in water.

The 'daylight harvesting system' at Deans Mill School is leaking, according to WFSB.

According to an article posted on WFSB's website, eight of the 24 skylights that make up the 'daylight harvesting system' have been leaking since last weekend's blizzard.

SunPort Industries LLC of Norwalk installed the skylights in 2012, and the system is supposed to to filter natural light through the roof into rooms that have few or no windows. Unlike a traditional skylight, the SunPort units disperses light evenly throughout the room throughout the day and is supposed to also melt snow so it doesn’t block the light during the winter months.

According to WFSB, the contractor that installed the lights will fix them.


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